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An educational institution is a cradle. Where a child learns the basic tenets of knowledge and lays the foundation of disciplines. It is here the child begins to respect the Teacher, the source of all knowledge, feel the joy of making companions, expanding his wisdom, and makes it possible to treasure at few important memories.

Once Aristotle was asked how much the educated were superior to the uneducated and he replied “as much as the livings are to the dead”. That is the significance of education which leads us from darkness to light. In this world everything has its distinct quality, like flowers are imbibed with fragrance, fruits with flavor, and a candle for its quality if spreading light. Likewise education is like a mirror and the Teachers are like light rays which reflect out the students with their glitters. Everything is co –related.

Dr. Prabhat Sharma
Our Academy
It is with immense pleasure that Prabhat Academy Co-Educational Boarding School affiliated to ICSE up to class 12th an attempt has been made through this website to expose the various activities and hide talents of the children.
We believe in the saying that more things are brought by hard works and true prayers than the world dreams of. Let us join hands to work and pray for the welfare and progress of the younger generation.
Against all prophecies of dooms day approaching, it is not the end of the world it’s the beginning of a new era. So make the best of it.